Evangelion Daisuki

Book of Fragments

This is my collection of fragments.T’llaryo

I keep them here becuase they used to be whole. Maybe together they can be melded into somthing new. Something Whole

First Fragment
Tide Town I can smell the stench of detritus of the depths. salt blood fear.
Have found a ship to take me to the “place” owned by short slant eyed human. Looks untasty and deadly.
Town filling up with all sorts of other flotsam. a hundred shattered pieces unaware of what strange fate binds them.
*local fish unco-operative
*note to self- people rascist
OMG sooooooooooooo much happened tortured some guy then wham dead then went for a swim, THEN WOOO FIRE BURN YEAHHH! pewpew pow splat stab. good times.

Second Fragment
IM ON A BOAT. at least I was and NOW i am again!! AND IM THE CAPTAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooo YARGH.

Okay so we were on a boat and there i was trying to brainwash the selfish human woman and then suddenly Pirates! and fish men and sharks.

They tried to board us but we were too good at killing so they had the fish people sink us.
then suddenly my robed friend flies away and i get inside one of the fish peoples slimy brain and hitch a ride to a beach. Then stab i kill it and start to eat it.

Note to self: Fish people taste like sea chicken.

My friends slowly arrive at the island. I briefly consider eating the muscled one but really am just being greedy.

Then i make Fish sausage Sashami and offer it too Sareth. He loves it. confirmed sareth loves fish dick sushi.

Then we find pirates….. i immediately try to commandeer the pirates i succeed then THAT BITCH kills my new pirate pet. I give up immediately. and cry. after i cry myself dry I walk past my party who are still stuck trying to twist their feeble minds into a plan and begin making friends. I make friends with ALL the pirates especially the captain. we became MAGICAL FRIENDS….. then i see my chance to take over a pirate ship and become the new captain. With my pirate minions I kill the other pirates gather my party together and free some useful tools. Then suddenly BOOM.

Some asshole shoots me in the back fortunately the women heals me with her songs….. Still don’t forgive you…… then i find that dicks body…. an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth. I get some stupid other pirate, he will walk the plank yaaaargh.

then we find some treasure. i gather my crew and we set out.

P.S. Visions getting weirder what does it mean I chose 2 books and got a third! THE VOICES arrrRRRGH! Jack-Sparrow.jpg

Elkas' log book

Ando knows of a merchant in Verashai, a town far to the south east. This merchant might know more about the people who wanted to buy Levitha family estate. While I’m there I might be able to find out more about my family’s signet ring.

Ando has also heard rumours of one of the legendary nine golden swords to the east, he said if I can find it I can keep it.


Log 1:
A strange pirate walked into the bent mermaid inn today, he sat down at the bar to have a drink. He asked for bottle from the underdark but settled with one of our finest sake, after hearing the price, he looked startled, he transformed into a drow, then transformed into Ando, into me and into a couple of other people in the inn. A man who looked like a noble walked through the door looking for a man who he then described “a robed man”, all of a sudden this strange man who keeps transforming, transformed into the robed man who was just described. He told the noble a riddle, after hearing it he ran away, something about “What can not be seen can be only smelt or heard.” I vaguely remember, I’m not sure if he is sane. After about two drinks the transforming man decided to try snort some of the sake that he had spilt, he looked like he was going to pass out or vomit.

A tall Cormyrian soldier walked in to the inn, while staring down some pirates he said “what in the nine hells are these cunts up to in here”. A monk and a half-elf woman walked in next. The transforming man turned in to the Cormyrian soldier and copied him and said “yeah, what in the nine hells are these cunts up to in here” then transformed back into a drow. The soldier proceeded and sat down next to the pirates and grabbed one of their cups and took a swig from it, the pirates looked pissed. He said relax fellas next rounds on me. The monk came to the bar and asked Ando for a meal. The woman went and sat at one of the tables in the corner. The drow got up and walked out side, I followed him to make sure he did not pass out in his own vomit. There was a couple of fire knives initiates converging in the area, a couple approached the drow, the drow turned in to the robed man and asked is this who you are looking for? They asked where is he? He turned back into a drow then hissed at them and curled up in to a ball. They were just wierded out, and just walked away. I am intrigued by this drow, so I made sure he was okay. I saw more and more fire knives gathering so I went back and told Ando that there are a lot of fire knives out side looking like they are going to do something.

Ando grabbed all of the golden swords and we went out side when we tried to confront them, they tried to run. one of their heads exploded and Ando gave me the okay to open fire. My shot missed. The drow started talking to Ando then pointed a finger at one of the fire knives running away, and the man fell to the ground laughing. We grabbed him and dragged him to the back room of the inn, the drow told Ando that he has a good way of making people talk, Ando said come with us. On the way back in I see the Monk and Cormyrian soldier looking like they are about to fight each other. Around them on the ground was 3 dead pirates. Ando asked what the hell happened in here, the Cormyrian soldier said “They started it”, it was obvious he was lying. The woman was sipping some sake at the bar, that she had not paid for, said that she vouches for him. Ando said what ever I do not have time for this. The drow man did the interrogating, he started of by turning into him and saying we can do this the easy way or the hard way. He then punched him in the balls, he quickly talked and he told us that he was after a “robed man, I don’t know any more”.
Ando cut his head off. After that I introduced my self to the drow and I found out he is going on the same boat as me and his name is T’llaryo.

Log 2:
During the night T’llaryo wakes me up by yelling out to Ando. He tells him that the fire knives broke into out warehouse and stole our supplies. This would delay our voyage. We gathered the gang to get our supplies back and rid tidetown of these pesky fire knives. After defeating the fire knives, the half-elf woman from yesterday started to loot gold from the bodys. When we confronted her she tried to lie and put silver back in place of the gold, I will have to keep my eyes on her.

Log 3:
After getting our supplies back we set out on our voyage. The crew consist of Shojiro, the captain of the ship and a few other golden swords members. The guest on the ship are all suspicious starting with T’llaryo the drow man who is probally insane. Lia the half-elf woman who seems to enjoy lying. Sareth the Cormyrian soldier who probably murdered those pirates. Pai-Mei the monk who seems humble but could be hiding something. And lastly the robed man who the fire knives were looking for and only showed up after the threat was dealt with.

Log 4:
During the the second week on the ship, we were attacked by pirates but we easily fended them off. The crew started to throw molotovs at the pirate ship and the sails caught fire, they started to flee. From underneath our ship we were being attacked and we started to take on water. The robed man made his way to the deck and started to fly. after all that, all I remember was getting really sleepy.

I woke up on shore to see that T’llaryo, Lia, Sareth and Pai-Mei had also made it to shore. I assumed we made it to one of the small islands around the pirate isle. I immediately tried to find a way off the beach, I discovered a steep rocky path that we could use. After following this path we made our way onto another beach. There was an out post with one pirate on guard. T’llaryo turned into a pirate and walked up to talk to him, Lia followed him. I stealthed my way along the beach making sure I had a clear shot if something went wrong. About one minute after talking to the pirate it looked like he was going to lead them somewhere, but when he turned around Lia stabbed him in the back. T’llaryo looked really depressed and started to cry, I’ve never seen a man cry so much. I went ahead to scout for a hideout and more pirates, I found a shabby looking door and entered. I found a trap on the ground and disarmed it successfully, it looked like it was just meant to make a lot of noise if someone set it off. I proceeded in further to see a pirate on a balcony who was on look out, he was asleep though. I thought to my self how convenient, I climbed the balcony and slit his throat. Their was another shabby door, I could hear men laughing so I peered through it and saw loads of pirates. I kept watching as I waited for the rest of the guys to catch up. Sareth and Pai-Mei climbed up. Suddenly T’llaryo (as a pirate) walked in from a different door and started shouting at some of the pirates “Yaaargh, the capt’n wants more help moving the cargo and if ye don’t go help you’ll get the black spot, Yaaargh.” Four pirates left the room. I knew this was the best chance so I shot an arrow through the door and took down another pirate, Sareth kicked open the door and charged forth.

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