Elkas Levitha

Badass assassin who hangs out with the yakuza


Age: 27 Height: 5’7 Weight: 50kg

Strength – 12, Dexterity – 16, Constitution – 12, Intelligence – 13, Wisdom – 14, Charisma – 12

AC – 15

+5 to hit

Skills – Acrobatics +5, Athletics +3, Insight +4, Investigation +3, Perception +6, Persuasion +3,
Stealth +7.

Saving throws – Dex +5 Int +3

Passive Perception – 16


Elkas grew up as a noble at his family estate outside of the kings forest. Elkas often practised archery and fencing with his father. At the age of 12, after refusing several offers to sell their estate, the noble family of House Levitha ran into one financial crisis after another. Even as they ran dangerously low on funds, they still refused to sell their estate. Eventually after being unable to even pay their taxes, the Cormyrian government seized their remaining assets, including the estate. Thrown out on the street of Suzail with nothing left to their name and appeals to the Cormyrian government unsuccessful, Elkas’s parents fell ill. With no money for medicine or magic, Elkas’ father gave Elkas his signet ring, and told Elkas to flee Cormyr and guard the ring with his life.

After fleeing Cormyr, Elkas stowed away on a boat leaving Suzail, Elkas ended up in the city of Westgate. With no money, he had little choice but to resort to crime to live.
The city had two major criminal organizations, the oppressive Fire Knives, and the Golden Swords who opposed them. After what happened to his family in Cormyr, the choice was obvious. Elkas ended up being taken in by a Golden Sword member named Ando Noboru, the proprietor of the Bent Mermaid Inn in the docks district of Tide town. This has given Elkas access to the information network of the Golden Swords, but has put him at odds with the Fire Knives.

Elkas’ log book

Elkas Levitha

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