Evangelion Daisuki

Book of Fragments

This is my collection of fragments.T’llaryo

I keep them here becuase they used to be whole. Maybe together they can be melded into somthing new. Something Whole

First Fragment
Tide Town I can smell the stench of detritus of the depths. salt blood fear.
Have found a ship to take me to the “place” owned by short slant eyed human. Looks untasty and deadly.
Town filling up with all sorts of other flotsam. a hundred shattered pieces unaware of what strange fate binds them.
*local fish unco-operative
*note to self- people rascist
OMG sooooooooooooo much happened tortured some guy then wham dead then went for a swim, THEN WOOO FIRE BURN YEAHHH! pewpew pow splat stab. good times.

Second Fragment
IM ON A BOAT. at least I was and NOW i am again!! AND IM THE CAPTAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooo YARGH.

Okay so we were on a boat and there i was trying to brainwash the selfish human woman and then suddenly Pirates! and fish men and sharks.

They tried to board us but we were too good at killing so they had the fish people sink us.
then suddenly my robed friend flies away and i get inside one of the fish peoples slimy brain and hitch a ride to a beach. Then stab i kill it and start to eat it.

Note to self: Fish people taste like sea chicken.

My friends slowly arrive at the island. I briefly consider eating the muscled one but really am just being greedy.

Then i make Fish sausage Sashami and offer it too Sareth. He loves it. confirmed sareth loves fish dick sushi.

Then we find pirates….. i immediately try to commandeer the pirates i succeed then THAT BITCH kills my new pirate pet. I give up immediately. and cry. after i cry myself dry I walk past my party who are still stuck trying to twist their feeble minds into a plan and begin making friends. I make friends with ALL the pirates especially the captain. we became MAGICAL FRIENDS….. then i see my chance to take over a pirate ship and become the new captain. With my pirate minions I kill the other pirates gather my party together and free some useful tools. Then suddenly BOOM.

Some asshole shoots me in the back fortunately the women heals me with her songs….. Still don’t forgive you…… then i find that dicks body…. an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth. I get some stupid other pirate, he will walk the plank yaaaargh.

then we find some treasure. i gather my crew and we set out.

P.S. Visions getting weirder what does it mean I chose 2 books and got a third! THE VOICES arrrRRRGH! Jack-Sparrow.jpg


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